The mission of the Premium Beef program --

“To encourage profit and opportunity for America’s beef industry.”

Premium Beef represents a unique set of programs and principles designed to enhance the performance and value of beef from the farm to the plate. We create relationships with producers and processors that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial. We believe that the continued evolution of our industry will bring about more coordinated efforts between all segments of the food chain. In an effort to add value to the work of all parties, win-win relationships will drive the future development of many food industry ventures.

Producers Livestock Marketing Association (PLMA) is a nonstock livestock marketing cooperative organized in 1937 under the laws of the State of Nebraska. Producers began marketing cattle over 75 years ago beginning in the Omaha, Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa, and St. Joseph, Missouri Stockyards.

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Producers Livestock

Producers Livestock
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